There are different kinds of yoyo that are being manufactured at this present time. Gone are the days when all yoyos look alike. Now, there are different materials used and every kind of yoyo is designed depending on the needs of its owner. If you are a yoyo enthusiast and you want to join competitions in the future, you should be able to find are There are different tricks and there are specific yoyos designed for it. More information on responsive yoyos on

As yoyo continue to become popular all over the world, it has been innovated throughout the years. Yoyos are designed differently depending on its use. There yoyos for beginners and there are yoyos for professional players. There are many tricks that you can do with yoyos like string tricks, alpha, off string, freehand, astro, and moebius. For example, if you are someone who always do a lot of string tricks wherein you need to touch the string while the yoyo is loose, you need to have a responsive yoyo that makes it sleep for a while but can still go back up after sleeping. You should be able to know the right string to be used for your yoyo to make it perform better.

Be ready for the competition once you decide to join.

There are many kinds of competition that you can join in once you can consider yourself excellent in performing your yoyo tricks. You may join a single A competition where you can join using one yoyo only and do the tricks. There is also double A competition where you can use two yoyos for your looping tricks. Triple A competition is a combination of using two yoyos and doing only string tricks. The 4A or off-string competition is a competition wherein the yoyo Is not connected to the string. The yoyo is usually tossed apart from the string and being caught back to the string after the exhibition.