The Top 3 Hooks that Will Make You Choose Potong Pasir as Your Personal Address

Despite looking like a quintessential sleepy town, Potong Pasir Avenue 1 is quite famous for its tight-knit community, many amenities, and its undying kampung spirit. If you are an expat, or simply someone who impy wants to experience the unique Singapore vibes. Here are the top three reasons why people of all ages love Potong Pasir Town. Find more informatoin about UOL Real Estate developer search this

Reasonably priced units

The current problem in Singapore, it seems, is finding a suitable (and affordable) room to live in. Developers like the United Overseas Limited understands this common dilemma that most consumers find themselves in. Luckily, estates like Potong Pasir offers reasonably priced residential properties. The UOL group plans to expand further by developing a 500-unit condo near the Potong Pasir MRT Station.

Prime location

Though Potong Pasir is largely underdeveloped, its location is full of potential as it has its own MRT station and is right outside the city center (making it a fringe town), This is especially appealing to expats who are looking for affordable housing within the rest of Central Region. United Industrial Corporation Real Estate Developer understands this huge potential, which had further urged them to collaborate with UOL group in developing the new condos.

First-hand experience of the kampung spirit

Perhaps, the biggest draw of the place (aside from the two mentioned above) is its quiet persistence to avoid modern development, like malls and cinemas, in favor of local markets, coffee shops, and meeting your neighbors the old-fashioned way. The simplistic living of its residents is really want appeals to those who had never before experienced SIngapore like this ever before.

It is a warm, friendly neighborhood where everybody seemingly knows (and is glad to know) your face and name. At the end of the day, Potong Pasir will make you feel like you have finally arrived home.

Vacation Packages at the fountains resort Orlando

Cheap resorts with good activities are hard to find. If ever you found one, they are probably overbooked by now. After all, this is summer and gems like that are rare. What you are looking for is a big place with lots of activities that you will enjoy. Try to visit the fountains resort Orlando. This large resort of 75,000 square feet is enough to drown you with activities that you will love from the first day up to the time you’re about to leave. But be very careful, because you might not want to leave at all since there are vacation packages that will suit your taste and your budget.


There are several packages to choose from depending on your budget and your length of stay. Some of the packages include entrance fees for the different activities found at the resort. There are different activities to choose from so there will be many different rates. The accommodation options are also very wide. You can check them out in the website and from different booking agencies. This will depend on the number of people who are coming with you and the length of stay in the resort. It will be better to call the resort to find out more about packages and ways to get a discount.


With the huge facility, there will definitely be different activities available aside from the pools and the lake. Your kids can enjoy the arcade center and the adults can visit the casino in the evenings. There are pool tables, restaurants of many different dishes and many more. For people who enjoy a little bit of nature then the fishing activities in the lake might be a good thing for you. You can use paddleboats to fish and grill them beside the river. This might be the answer to your summer problems so go check them out.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips for the First-Time Player

Fortnite Battle Royale has earned a huge following ever since its release last year. The fight-to-the-death battle is free and is available in PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, iOS and soon, it is going to be available for Android as well. The goal of the game? Fight off 100 other players in a shrinking area till you become the last man standing. To help you, there are items and weapons scattered all over the area. For more details, go here on Fortnite hack.

If you are new to the game, you will be facing a lot of players who have been playing for months and you would not want to look like a newbie because it will make you an easy target. Aside from looking for the best Fortnite hack, here are some tips that you can help you look like a pro on your first game:

Use your pickaxe and break everything you can

You might notice players breaking everything with their pickaxe at the start of the game. They are gathering materials like metal, brick, or wood, which can be used to build walls, forts, ramps, and other forms of defenses. You should do the same and hit on boxes, trees, floors, and walls.

Practice building

This is a game of survival so you need to have a good defense. Practice making ramps and buildings around your character. Practice making bridges that allows you to climb mountains quickly.

Observe how other players react

If you encounter another player and they run away from you, it means that they do not have any good weapons on them or that they are weak. Go after them.

Study your death and try again

The game as a replay system that allows you to see how you died. Pick up some lessons from the replay and do better the next time you play the game.