Hiring 2 writer/editors.

I am currently hiring 2 editors for this site. I need a lot of writing done to get the content finished. If you think you qualify, please send an email to webmaster [at] dragonquest8.org with a writing sample attached.

More Dragon Quest Games Confirmed By Kouichi Sugiyama

The composer of Dragon Quest series, Kouichi Sugiyama has hinted that more Dragon Quest games are Square-Enix's to be created/released list, other than Dragon Quest: Yangus, that is.

Dragon Quest VIII passes 4 million sales in Japan.

Square-Enix revealed that Dragon Quest VIII has sold approximately 4.3 million copies in Japan surpassing Dragon Quest VII's 4.1 million record.

4 New Artwork Added!

Took me a while to clean but here they are. Check them out in Artwork link on the left menu. Enjoy!

Sorry, but I will not send the images without the watermark to anyone so please do not contact me about it.

2 Updated Maps and 8 New Maps Online!

The 2 new updated maps are Maella area and Alexandria area and we have maps up to Mole Hole. Enjoy smile

Thanks again to Ark The Lad for capturing them!
I will be updating the site more often frmo now on. The reason I was unable to is because my vision went down significantly and I was unable to read the computer text unless I was an inch away from it. But it's all good now and am very motivated to update this site!

DQ8 Coming to Europe!

That's right, Europeans will also get to enjoy this masterpiece soon. No confirmed release date however.

Check out the maps section, I've added 4 new maps captured by Ark The Lad.

I'll be updating the site a lot more now that I'm done with finals and got about a month off from school.

Here are 2 scans.

Scan 1
Scan 2

Looks like the setting will be when Yangus was a kid (he's skinny!) and Red will be in it too. It also says it's in JUMP Festa 2006's line up.

Thanks to Himuro for finding the scans.

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